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Stubby Pringle’s Christmas


From the pen of the beloved Western writer, Jack Warner Schaefer (author of Shane),  comes this heart-warming Christmas story, complete with cowboy guitar and harmony singing… Stubby Pringle, line rider of the Triple X Ranch, after eight weeks of winter storms, sets out late one Christmas Eve to ride over the mountain to the Christmas dance, down in the valley. He is headed to a one-room, white-painted schoolhouse, with a two pound box of candy, enough fabric for a fancy dress, and a roll of pink ribbon… It is a still night… the moon shines down through the snow-laden pines. Hoarfrost glistening, spurs a-jingling, Stubby rides up-slope, through the crusted snow. But before he gets up on the ridge, he has to pass a tiny little cabin, hidden away in the woods…

length of performance:    35 minutes,

party bookings $300

public performance 2017 at The Mode Lounge, Sunday December 10,  5:00pm ($12 at the door)


A Child’s Christmas in Wales


“It was snowing. It was always snowing at Christmas”…

Dylan Thomas’ enchanting memories of the wonder and magic of Christmas,  seen through the eyes of a young boy in a small,  snowed in, Welsh seaside town, nigh on a hundred years ago… A childhood vision of Christmas Day from waking to sleeping: – – snowballs and mufflers, candy and cats, imaginary polar bears …imaginary hippos… Mrs. Prothero and the firemen, mistletoe and chestnuts,  sherry and walnuts, bottled beer and Christmas crackers…and the presents!!!  And family and friends: Aunt Hannah, Aunt Dosie, all the Uncles, and the children: Jane, Dan and Jack. A Christmas remembered, a seasonal celebration – perfect for your Holiday party, this coming December…

length of performance:    (short version) 22 minutes,

(long version) 36 minutes…

party bookings $300