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Stubby Pringle’s Christmas


From the pen of the beloved Western writer, Jack Warner Schaefer (author of Shane),  comes this heart-warming Christmas story, complete with cowboy guitar and harmony singing… Stubby Pringle, line rider of the Triple X Ranch, after eight weeks of winter storms, sets out late one Christmas Eve to ride over the mountain to the Christmas dance, down in the valley. He is headed to a one-room, white-painted schoolhouse, with a two pound box of candy, enough fabric for a fancy dress, and a roll of pink ribbon… It is a still night… the moon shines down through the snow-laden pines. Hoarfrost glistening, spurs a-jingling, Stubby rides up-slope, through the crusted snow. But before he gets up on the ridge, he has to pass a tiny little cabin, hidden away in the woods…

length of performance:    35 minutes,

party bookings $300

public performance 2017 at The Mode Lounge, Sunday December 10,  5:00pm ($12 at the door)


…Sunday December 21st, 2014…




Thank you, John Glenn Hall!!!!

…and Nugget, the little dog.


These photos are from unwrapping gifts-time,  just a few years back – three or four years ago – and probably taken by Stitch’s brother, Brian – though it could have been their Dad or any of the family… there are home-made decorations on the tree – most of them made by the kids – and Christmas  dinner is usually turkey with cranberry sauce and all the usual trimmings – and that year there was pecan pie for dessert…   and  Stitch’s sister-in-law made the festive pencil holders – with little pockets all round for pens to go in…