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…three actors walk in with music stands…  “Hi, we’re here to perform A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Where would you like us?” And over by the Christmas tree, in a corner of your living room, as the party gets into full swing, they act, speak and sing a half hour version of the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas’ classic, with carols,  music, a whistle,  and some of Dylan Thomas” most famous and best-beloved words.

This Boise – and environs – holiday tradition began with a handful of Idaho Shakespeare Festival actors, back in the 1980’s. Over the years it grew to a seasonal fixture at the Egyptian, the College of Idaho, and all points round the Treasure Valley. After a ten year hiatus, we are back, with two teams of actors, a fresh script, the same traditional music, and a company including two of the Interludes’ most seasoned performers…

Oh, and it costs just a little less than it did, back in the nineties…


Stitch Marker (Welsh Poet, Scrooge, Stubby Pringle)

Stitch has been seen on every  Idaho Shakespeare Festival stage since the patio of Angell’s Bar and Grill  in 1977 (it was the Main Street Bistro back then.)  He has toured Shakespeare, Beauty and the Beast, Lincoln’s Log – and many others – to almost every school in Idaho. He has been in the Christmas Interludes since the get-go in the mid-nineteen-eighties, and for him “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas…” he says   “…without  Stubby Pringle’s Christmas,  A Child’s Christmas in Wales   or  A Christmas Carol…. ”


Kelly Lynae (Welsh Lass, Lady, Cowhand)

Kelly is a local singer-songwriter… and you should just go listen to this Christmas song with Steve Fulton and Justin Ness…  The quirkiness comes from deep, deep inside: and from that ukulele and tenor guitar! These are her performances coming up… and this is the official bio.  I particularly liked the bit about the purple mahogany guitar.  Kelly’s poetry has twice been published in  CIRQUE.  And we think she has the most flexible day-job ever!  In connection with which: her delightful  “It’s So Easy” won a 2015 Rockie Award for Elements of Advertising. Yay for the day job!!!

She’s probably sold you something and you didn’t even know it!!!


Peter John Still (Welsh Lad, Gentleman, Cowhand)

Peter wrote the music and, for years, performed in the adaptation of A Christmas Carol that’s been playing for two decades, now,  in Portland, Maine. If you recall any of those Idaho Shakespeare Festival shows where folks were beating on marching bass-drums with Japanese drumsticks,  Peter was responsible for that. More recently he designed the sound for The Hound of the BaskervillesA Greater Tuna, A Tuna Christmas, The Woman in Black, The 39 Steps, Noises Off, The Foreigner and Steel Magnolias. He is also the only Tony nominee (for theatrical sound design…) in our acting company and he is happy still to do the occasional show in  New York…and even London!!! Back home, he specializes in playing music around Idaho ghost towns, being generally helpful around Boise Contemporary Theater, and designing his own website (of which he is very proud ! )


Ashley Dowden (Welsh Lass, Lady, Cowhand)

Ashley spent a recent summer in Ecuador, teaching theater to kids who live in the Amazon Jungle – and then making a play about the experience at the Instute Arte Teatral Internacional… …in New York…  She spends her time teaching kids to simultaneously sing and dance at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival – and also at the Christine Donnell School of the Arts. She is a regular with Homegrown Theatre: and especially in their iconic annual Hallowe’en show:  The Horrific Puppet Affair.